Collection, Transport and Disposal, of Urban Waste.

Green Team Services, analyses local conditions for each Local Authority, depending on the current performance, geographical and sociological variants. As a result, we propose the most appropriate waste and recycling collection schemes.

Our priority is to create a sustainable, cost effective waste management and recycling service, tailored to the needs of our customers.

Waste transport, operates in compliance with the environmental standards, set by the EU. Our Company, has numerus collection vehicles and modern equipment, which insure an efficient, reliable and responsive collection service, for all waste types and recycling materials.

Waste is transported from Waste Transfer Stations, to approved Landfill sites, while at the same time, recyclable materials are transferred to Materials Recovery Facilities.

To support these services, Green Team Services, owns:

  •  Modern Garbage trucks.
  •  Satellite waste collection vehicles.
  •  Skip containers.
  •  Roll on containers.
  •  Press-containers.
  •  Waste bins, from 120L to 1100L.
  •  Recycling bins.
  •  Organized teams for technical support and specialized personnel.